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E-Z-GO RXV Elite Lithium golf buggy.

The Premier golf buggy with proven performance.
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Charcoal Grey EZGO Golf Buggy
EZGO Golf Buggies UK

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Golf buggy

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Golf courses. Private owners. Land owners.


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The game-changing RXV Elite Lithium golf buggy.

EZGO Golf Buggies UK

As the long-standing leader in golf car innovation, AC drivetrain efficiency and IntelliBrake™ technology, the E‑Z‑GO® RXV® continues to raise the bar on superior golf car performance. No other vehicle delivers reliable, efficient performance and a host of upgraded features like the RXV.

The features included by E-Z-GO on the RXV make this vehicle the premium golf buggy available on the market at the moment. No other vehicle delivers such reliable and efficient performance, with a host of features including the AC drivetrain efficiency and IntelliBrake™ technology.

We’re able to offer the E-Z-GO RXV in a choice of colours and with optional extras like premium seats, full weather enclosures and light kits if you want your golf buggies to be more visible while on the course.

EZGO Elite Lithium Golf Buggy

The benefits of lithium power.

Samsung Lithium Batteries
Zero maintainence.

Save time and labour costs by not having to maintain and repair batteries

Five year warranty.

Market leading 5 Year Unlimited amp-hour battery warranty.

65 million proven hours.

Years ahead of the competition with a proven track record in the UK.

Better for turf.

Elite Lithium vehicles are up to 126kg lighter than other electric vehicles, meaning less wear and tear on your turf.

Go further.

Complete at least 3 rounds of golf on one charge. Increase your vehicle revenue.

Fast, flexible charging.

Faster charging on the fly which will remove the stress on vehicle numbers during busy periods.

E-Z-GO Golf Buggies UK

Vehicle highlights.

RXV Windscreen

Folding windscreen.

Giving a little extra ventilation for the users of the EZGO RXV on those warm summer days.

RXV Charger

USB outlet.

An optional extra that can enable your golfers to charge their mobiles devices during play.

RXV Seats

Ergonomic seating.

Improved contoured seating for greater comfort and with Premium Upgrade Options available.

RXV Cup Holder

Large cup holders.

A redesigned dashboard and cupholders give your guests extra space to store those essential items.

RXV Bagwell

Large bagwell.

Makes loading, unloading and transporting even the largest bag easy.

Samsung SDI Lithium Battery

Lithum batteries.

Advance technology that even allows you to spot charge and get more rounds out of your buggy.

 The RXV series is highly regarded for its quality, performance, and versatility. Here is some key information and features about the EZGO RXV Golf Buggies:

  1. Design and Style: EZGO RXV buggies are recognised for their contemporary design and sleek appearance. They are available in both electric and petrol (petrol) models, allowing customers to select the power source that best suits their requirements.

  2. Performance: These buggies are designed to offer a smooth and comfortable ride on the golf course. They usually feature a robust motor and drivetrain, delivering ample power for golfers and their equipment.

  3. Battery Options: In the case of electric models, the RXV series often offers various battery options, including traditional lead-acid batteries and more advanced lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries typically provide longer-lasting power and quicker charging.

  4. Intelligent Features: The RXV series often comes equipped with intelligent features like regenerative braking, which assists in recharging the batteries while driving downhill, and a smart onboard computer system for improved energy management.

  5. Customisation: We provide a range of customisation choices for the RXV buggies, allowing golf courses and individual owners to tailor the appearance and features of their vehicles. This may include custom paint finishes, seating arrangements, and branding.

  6. Durability: EZGO is renowned for manufacturing robust and dependable vehicles. The RXV buggies are constructed to withstand the challenges posed by golf course terrain and are frequently used in various other industries, including hospitality, resorts, and recreational facilities.

  7. Environmental Considerations: The electric models of the RXV are considered environmentally friendly, producing zero emissions during operation. This aligns with the increasing trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options.

  8. Accessories: We offer an extensive range of accessories and add-ons for the RXV series, including rain covers, windscreens, storage options, and more. These accessories enhance the buggies’ versatility for various purposes beyond golfing.

  9. Reliability: EZGO is a reputable brand with a long history in the golf and utility vehicle industry. Their vehicles are known for their reliability and longevity.

Standard features.

  • E-Z-GO 4 Year Warranty
  • Oversized bag well
  • Comfortable, contoured seats
  • Integrated cup, ball & tee holders
  • Horn
  • Sweater basket
  • Energy transfer bumpers
  • Deep cup holders
  • 18″ Turf tyres
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